Is online poker legal in Nevada?

For years, there has been a debate over online casinos. A large number of people desired online casinos, but various laws and regulations never allowed it to happen. Although Las Vegas online poker seemed like a shoe-in for the “Capital of Gambling”, the state’s legislature did not authorize Nevada poker until 2011. The biggest reason it took 80 years for the state to establish legal Vegas online poker is that the government and commission feared they couldn’t control the use of Vegas online poker.

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There are some states that allow online poker in various environments, whether it be at certain events or locations, like a riverboat. But, Nevada remains to be the only state-wide, legalized online poker in the country and this allows it to remain the leader in online poker. Once Nevada received its legalization in 2011, the state started issuing licenses in 2012. This, alone has generated a huge response as thousands of people use NV online poker every day. And, the numbers are online getting bigger. There are already talks about more and more entities establishing their own online poker and predictions show that 2014 will be a huge year for online poker in Nevada.


The legalization of online poker was destined to happen, especially in Nevada. Poker is Nevada’s number one sport and for good reason. Now with the transition of online poker, the following will grow even bigger. Legal Nevada online poker comes at a time when majority of people’s lives take place in a virtual environment. The way consumers communicate, socialize, and interact is leaning towards online. Gone are the days of reading a physical newspaper or sitting in an actual college. Technology continues to influence the way we live our everyday lives.

The legalization of online poker is a convenience for the casinos, as well as the consumers. In the past, poker was limited to so many people. On average, a casino may have 10 to 20 poker tables within its establishment. The casino could have a thousand people wanting to play the sport, but there is only enough room for two-hundred. With online poker, a casino can generate as many tables as they need. At the same time, every consumer has the opportunity to play without waiting. Now that online poker is legal, everyone can be happy.

Who permitted online poker in Nevada?

One of the biggest questions being asked is how did online poker become legal in Nevada? It was the state legislature that authorizes online gambling. Afterwards, they instructed Nevada’s gaming commission to pass the regulations. Although the state legislature authorized online poker, it was necessary for the gaming commission to approve and pass the regulations. The Nevada Gaming Commission’s responsibilities are to regulate the gaming entities within the state through granting licenses, regulations, and disciplinary matters ruling.

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The Nevada Gaming Commission is an extension of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Nevada Gaming Commission was established in 1959. The Commission consists of five members, which are appointed by the state’s governor. Once in office, each member serves for a total of four years. The Nevada Gaming Commission has granted numerous approvals and licenses, but there are only two key gaming licenses. Those two gaming licenses are restricted license and non-restricted license. With the restricted license, a location is limited to only 15 total gaming devices and no game tables. The number of restricted licenses in use vary from month to month, as more and more establishments come into existence. The second license, non-restricted is for locations that have at least 16 slot machines. At the same time, the location is allowed any amount of slot machines combined with any gaming device, sports pool, race book, or any other game.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has established operations laws for online poker, which is classified under “operation of interactive gaming”. One of the key laws is “house rules”. Under house rules, the commission states four rules that are required of each gaming entity. The four rules are (1) clear and concise explanation of all fees, (2) the rules of play of a game, (3) any monetary wagering limits, and (4) any time limits pertaining to the play of a game. These laws are in place to protect both, the player and the gaming site. A clear understanding eliminates any future misunderstandings in the world of legal Nevada online poker.

Which poker rooms got the licensing?

As of to date, the State of Nevada has three poker rooms licensed for online gambling. In 2014, Real Gaming became the third poker room to be licensed. The previous two were World Series of Poker (WSOP) and Ultimate Poker. Individuals on these sites have to be in the State of Nevada, during play. This means that players only play against other Nevada players. Although this may change in the future, these are the rules for players wanting to play on the sites. Below is an overview of the three sites available to Nevada players.

    • World Series of Poker

      World Series of Poker is well-known in the world of poker, in general. They have now transitioned to the online world with numerous tournaments and games for those that want to experience the intense fun of poker from the comfort of their own home. Along with having the opportunity to play in various tournaments, a visitor can also receive live, streaming coverage of other tournaments taking place through World Series of Poker.
    • Ultimate Poker

      Built by online poker specialists that have over 30 years of experience, Ultimate Poker is quickly establishing itself as a unique and entertaining source for online poker. A subsidiary of Station Casinos LLC, Ultimate Poker is the first company to offer secure and legal online poker in the United States. The site also offers numerous promotions and exclusive VIP services to its members.
  • Real Gaming

    The newest edition to the world of online poker is Real Gaming. Although Real Gaming is a newbie, it offers a special, one of kind way of playing poker online. This is through mobile devices. By providing mobile online poker, Real Gaming goes one step further in convenience. No longer are players restricted to a computer or laptop. As a matter of fact, they are not limited to having an internet connection at all, because a mobile phone can provide service through its phone connection. As long as you are physically in the State of Nevada, you can play online poker while at a restaurant, at the park, or literally almost anywhere within the state. This becomes a great addition for individuals on the go, yet still need their fix of poker.

The three sites for exclusive online poker gaming are impressive and popular options for gamblers. With only being in existence for about three years, the world of online poker is experiencing a huge response with thousands of players visiting the sites on a daily basis. This is only expected to grow bigger as people continue to look for more convenience and unique ways of gaming. If you live in Nevada or plan on visiting, it is worth experiencing these exclusive sites for online poker.

Why is WSOP the best one of them?

Each of the previous sites mentioned have something unique and exciting to bring to the online table of poker, but the head of the class remains to be World Series of Poker. What instantly separates World Series of Poker from the competition is longevity. With more than 40 years of poker under its belt, WSOP has established a craft that is untouched. People from all across the world, visit Nevada to participate in the many popular tournaments that the World Series of Poker has to offer. And ultimately, they set out to achieve the huge earnings that can be made in WSOP’s tournaments.

What is almost just as highly desired as the tournament winnings is the one of a kind WSOP circuit ring. The WSOP circuit ring is to poker, what a super bowl ring is to the NFL. With its beautiful design and stunning gems, the ring is highly sought after by all types of poker players. This element is yet another unique aspect of the World Series of Poker.

With the birth of, World Series of Poker extends its legacy by continuing to provide its professional-grade of service and now being more accessible to all types of players. It’s the poker room of choice, because you get the opportunity to be a part of the biggest name in the poker industry from the comfort of your home or any other locale of choice. There is also the numerous huge jackpots, which World Series of Poker has to offer that are available at the tip of your fingers. Along with its longevity, is a subsidiary of the most geographically diversified company in casino-entertainment, Caesars Entertainment Corporation. So whether you are new to the world of online poker or a seasoned veteran, your first choice should always be A leader in Las Vegas online poker.